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A quick trip to Vienna

After Athens, Greece, me and Lina, we went to Vienna, Austria for one day.

When we landed the weather was not one of the best. It was cold and raining. The clouds were hiding the sun. Only for a short period of time the sun was able to be seen through the clouds. However, in my opinion, despite the weather Vienna always looks astonishing. The whole city is like a museum and basically every building looks amazing.

In my opinion, one day is not enough in Vienna. We would like to come back and explore the city more. Maybe even go to the Viennese opera, if possible. Due to, we had not a lot of time, we did not plan very much what to do. Therefore, we went for shopping, spent some time in a few cafés and when it stopped raining in the evening, we went for a walk around the city.

Since it was raining, I did not make a lot of pictures and most of them are taken with my telephone, so I am sorry for the picture quality. 🙂

All in all, even if it was a short trip to Vienna, I was very happy to visit the city. Hoping to come back again in the near future, since Vienna is on my list and not only the capital, but I would like to explore more of the country.

Like always, thank you for reading. Stay warm and until the next post! ^^

With love,


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