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A taste of Japan – Japan crate

One of the ways to learn about the culture is to try its kitchen and in this case – candy. A couple of days ago Japan crate box was delivered to my house, so I got the chance to experience the Japanese culture through candy. 🙂

Japan crate is a monthly candy subscription box from Japan, which is filled with the latest candy trends from Japan. The box includes about 20 candies and snacks, plus an exclusive drink. Japan crate also has other kinds of crates such as Umai, Doki Doki, Kira Kira, Gacha Gacha. More information regarding their boxes, previous crates and more can be found on their homepage Japan crate.

So, let`s see what was in the march`s box. 🙂

The box was neatly packed and I really enjoyed the cute candy and snack packaging. I took out all of the items just to show what was inside. ^^

There were different tastes that I have never experienced before and the ones that I already have tasted. I have picked my top three that I liked the most.

My number one is this Pepsi J-cola drink. It had a very delicate and mild taste. And my thought was “Oh, so that is how a Sakura tastes”. Ha ha. 🙂

My number two is melon flavour candy. Really nice!

Last, my number three is this snack. At first I thought that it will not taste so good, since when I opened the package it had a strange smell, but when I tasted the squid chips they were just super delicious!

I enjoyed all the tastes very much and I am already waiting for the next month`s box! 🙂

Until the next time.

With love,


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