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From Strasbourg, France to Müllerthal Trail, Luxembourg

Every trip comes and goes. So, as it was planned, we went to Strasbourg during the autumn. Strasbourg is a city located in northeast France, near the German border. Therefore, Strasbourg is a city where German and French cultures blend together, creating a unique culture of the city.

The city is the capital of the Grand Est region. The region was created quite recently, in the year of 2016. The Grand Est region is the fusion of three regions Alsace, Champagne-Ardenne and Lorraine.

Strasbourg, besides being the capital of the Grand Est region, is an important city in the European Union. In the city, there are located essential European institutions such as the European Parliament and the European Court of Human Rights.

Is it worth visiting the city of Strasbourg?

Of course! Because, it is simply so beautiful!

Just walking in the city and admiring the architecture, experiencing the clash of different cultures or climbing up to the Cathedral’s platform (up to 66 metres) and discovering the magnificent Strasbourg`s panorama – it takes your breath away.

In Strasbourg we found a lovely place to eat – Ramen Shop. The food was very tasty, the atmosphere was good. I really liked the small decorations such as the pictures on the wall with anime characters from the One Piece anime (there were more and from other anime as well) or chalk drawn ramen bowl with Totoro and Pikachu. 🙂

Our trip did not end in Strasbourg. Since, after our first trip to Luxembourg, we were astonished by the country`s beauty, we wanted to explore more the country of Luxembourg. That is why, on our way back home, we decided to go to Müllerthal Region where the Müllerthal Trail is.

Details regarding the first trip to Luxembourg you can find here.

The Müllerthal Region is a popular place for hiking in Luxembourg. The Müllerthal Trail is over 112 km long and has different routes. Furthermore, due to there are information signs, which are guiding you, it is not possible to get lost.

We have chosen the shortest one which was only four km long, since we were not prepared for hiking a long distance.

We explored the Müllerthal Trail with admiration and we were impressed by the woodlands with rare sandstone rock formations, caves and the nature in general.

I hope we can come back in the future and take a longer route. 🙂

As always – thanks for reading! 😉

Until the next Sunday!

With love,


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