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Golden Lotus – jewellery not only meant for fashion

Today I want to tell more about a very talented person – Dainora Bertašiutė, who also draws pictures for my book, which I am working on at the moment. Not only can she draw really well, but she makes very nice jewellery!

Dainora, the same as me, is that kind of person who cannot live without creativity. „I love the idea of expressing myself through making pieces of art, whether it`s wearable, digital or feelable. Other than that, I am a very plain and down-to-earth person that just wants to contribute to making the world a better place.”

Golden Lotus

The young artist recently started making jewellery under the brand of „Golden Lotus”.

As she stated that „it started with my tarot card project (which is still ongoing) and I wanted a unique design for the card backs. Suddenly this thought of a lotus came to my mind and I chose a golden one because it doesn`t really exist in real life. In many cultures, the symbolism of any lotus means rebirth and I just connected with that right away because I was going through my own rebirth.”

The very start of bracelets, amulets and charms making

The beginning of making jewellery had a personal impact on Dainora. „My very first amulet was made for my very close friend that was going through a tough break-up and I thought what would constantly help him gradually reprogram himself to stop abusing himself? Then I thought that he needs some sort of talisman or amulet that he would have on him at all times. Then, naturally, I discovered the power of crystals and natural stones.”

Custom vs. non custom made items

Each person is different. With various backgrounds, personality… but every one of us wants to feel special. „Custom made is better and unique to each person. Some designs might seem similar, however each person has a different preference and need for the item.”

According to the jeweller that it depends on the item how long it takes to make one. She points out that charms, amulets and bracelets can be made quickly if she has enough material. On the other hand, such items as dreamcatchers can take from one day to a week to be made. Nonetheless, Dainora shares that the items can help the owners. „When being worn daily, the crystals radiate the needed energy and frequency until they gradually reduce and finally get rid of the unwanted problem.”

Moreover, bracelets, amulets and charms can be a good idea for a gift. „I had an order for Valentine`s day and got very good feedback! I think it is a unique gift that can be matched with formal and casual wear.”

The items can be not only as a present, but also can be perceived as a part of fashion. Many stones have different textures and colours. „A lot of my bracelets can be matched with black, which never really goes out of fashion. However, I think that the bracelet has to match the wearer him/herself rather than the clothes they wear.”, – said the young jeweller.

To be honest, I myself, I also asked her to make a bracelet for me. I am very happy with the outcome and its design. ^^

Meaning behind the jewellery

Not only the „Golden Lotus” items are carefully made, but they have a hidden meaning. As the artist said that „overall my creations are meant to send the required message to someone`s life in order to fix it. When we change our way of thinking, we stop sending bad impulses and focus on sending the positive impulses to the cosmos.”

Inspiration and motto

We all have our different paths. We experience not the same life events; we fail and learn and then we start to do everything all over again. Life is full of challenges. Dainora understands that very well and her motto is that „every challenge is a rewarding lesson.”

However, no matter how much experience we gather we all need someone who can inspire us. While talking about inspirations, she told me that her biggest inspiration and support is her boyfriend Laurynas. „He helped me to unlock my spiritual path and lead me to not only discovering myself, but discover more about different cultures of the world. That on its own is a big inspiration as well because I find out more and more about them and that inspires me to do more creative things.”

Future plans

Every person wants to move forward, go into new horizons and expand. Dainora also has plans for the nearest future. „In the future, I plan to add magical candles, natural body scrubs, oils and soaps, because it is very important to not only cleanse yourself from the inside but the outside as well as cleanse negative energies in your living space. I also plan on adding services like divination and consulting, but that`s planned in the farther future.”

Want to see more of her works? Click on this Facebook or Instagram link.

In the future, I think I will write more about interesting artists or people in general. Due to I believe while communicating with creative people I feel more inspired, learn new things and grow a bit more as a person myself. 🙂

See you next time!

With love,


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