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Hello, Liège!

When me and my friends go to Belgium or further, we almost every time cross the city of Liège. Therefore, I was wondering how the city looks like and so, I suggested visiting it.

Liège is a city located in the eastern part of the country and is a part of the Wallonia Region. In the city, people speak French.

Since Liège is not that far away from Venlo, the Netherlands, we decided to use the trains to go there. It was my first time crossing the border with the train, so I was excited. The journey itself did not take so much time. From Venlo, the Netherlands to Liège, Belgium it took only about 2-3 hours. We had to stop in Roermond and Maastricht for switching the trains.

When we arrived in Liège, the weather was not the best. It was rainy and cold. But we are always ready for adventures. 😀 Therefore, despite the weather, with smiles we went to see what the day would bring us.

When we were walking in the city we noticed that there are quite a lot of small passages. In my opinion, they give a romantic charm to the city. While walking, we came across the place called Montagne de Bueren. It has 374 steps and it was a big challenge for me to go to the top of it. But it sure was worth it! On top we saw the beautiful scenery of the city of Liège. After that, we continued with our journey. We went there, where our feet brought us, without much thinking. 😀

We wanted to explore a bit more of the city, but unfortunately one of us was not feeling very well, so we had to shorten our stay. Even though, we did not spend a lot of time in Liège, I enjoyed my time there to the fullest. It was fun.

Where to eat in Liège

When visiting a new place, it is always nice to stop a bit and relax. During our trip to Liège, we went to a couple of places to eat. First place was Ninja Ramen. I think, it kind of became like a habit for us to visit ramen restaurants wherever we go. Which is nice. We love ramen and it was a nice place to eat. ^^

The second place where we went was The Huggy`s Bar. That place is all about burgers! If you are a fan of burgers – then that place is definitely for you since they have quite a big variety of them. 🙂

Now, it is almost time to plan the next trip. However, nothing is set in motion yet. Just going along the tide. Who knows where life will guide us next. ^^

Thank you for your time and visiting my blog!

Until the next time! ^^

With love,


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