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Inspired by the weekend

When you are very tired and wait desperately for the weekend – then it even becomes your inspiration, ha ha. 😀

To write this piece took me a couple of minutes, – just until I went to the car after work. ^^ So, yes. I wrote this while walking and it was fun. So, I hope you will enjoy reading it as much as I did writing the piece. 🙂

Originally, I wrote this verse in German and then I tried to translate it in English, but it does not rhyme so nicely as in German, but oh well. Have fun while reading. ^^


Hände hoch!

Was ist den los?

Was sagst du mir?

Ich versteh nicht mehr…


Was ist das für ein Geräusch?

Aha, also Wochende läuft!

Siehst du dass?

Oder magst du keinen Spass?


Wenn Wochenende kommt

Es heisst –

Unser lange Schlaf beginnt!



Hands up!

What is the matter?

What are you saying to me?

I do not understand anymore…


What is that sound?

Aha, the weekend is running!

Do you see that?

Or you do not like the fun?


When the weekend comes

That means –

Our long sleep begins!


So, until the next time and I hope the next weekend will come soon. 😀

See you around!

With love,


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