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Operation: save the weekend

I named the post just like that „Operation: save the weekend“ because… well, it sounded somehow funny and second, because I will talk in this post about the previous weekend when I had to work and it was my birthday, so I just had to save the weekend plans.

How to survive a birthday

I am not that kind of person who likes to celebrate a birthday, but somehow I wanted to do something during the day, not only go to work… so I sent messages a week before to people with whom I would like to spend the day.

The plan was simple: work until 15 o`clock, then go to a restaurant called Izumi and afterwards to Taurus bowling in Venlo, the Netherlands. Seems everything simple, but it was magical to me. Why? Easy. Because I was surrounded by people who are dear to me.

It was clear that I would choose a Japanese restaurant due to I am a fan of Japan. The food was very delicious and we tried everything what we could. Everyone was eating and there was no time for making pictures, plus, we kind of being in a hurry. 🙂 We wanted to try out as much as possible. It was all you can eat menu. From soups, sushi to deserts. Amazing flavors and tastes. Waiting for the next occasion to go there and do a normal review about the place.

After filling our bellies we went to Taurus bowling. There we spent a couple of hours and after that some of us went to play the arcade games. I enjoyed the time very much. Definitely going back there to try out more games because after working six days in a row, I was very tired and barely moved. Afterwards, spending some time there, we had to say goodbye to some people.

A couple of hours until midnight

The last couple of hours we spent at Lina`s place (one of my friend`s name). We just talked, giggled and waited for the midnight.

Because of work and tiredness I forgot to buy a cake, but Lina suggested to put the candles in the cookies, which was a great idea.

Lina took the picture and I edited a bit. 🙂

It is a bit of sad that I do not have a lot of pictures from the day, but I have valuable memories and the adorable people who surround me every day. 🙂 I hope I will be able to spend my next birthday with these lovely people again! Because only due to you, this day was more than magical…. Thank you!

Even now while writing this post I feel I am smiling even though I am very tired again after six days of work in a row, but these memories make me stronger and I can go on further.

Also, got really awesome presents, would like to take pictures, but maybe in the next post, since I am in a „moving out” situation now, so the stuff is packed. 🙂  

A birthday without selfie? No way! 😀

To be honest, I am not a selfie person, but sometimes even I make one or two. So, here you go, a birthday selfie of me.

Who would say that I am 27? Ha ha. Not me and not people who surround me or my colleagues. Since when someone asks how old I am and I tell them my age, they start to giggle. After that, they ask me to get serious and I get confused and tell that it is my real age… then the quiet moment comes and most of the comments are „you are kidding, right?“ Well. I wish I would, but time is cruel…. 🙂 So, another year to my baggage. And yes, I believe that age is just a number. The most important thing is how you feel. 🙂 And despite the age, do what you want to do. Follow your way because it is unique and it is only yours!

As always, thanks for visiting. Hope you will come again and be with me on this journey called „life”.

So, until the next post! 🙂

With love,


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