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Travel destination: Luxembourg

Since I was a child, Luxembourg has been one of those countries that I wanted to visit. Therefore, I offered to friends that we should visit the country and of course they agreed. ^^

Luxembourg is sure an interesting country: with lots of castles, ruins and beautiful landscape. Even it is small, but one day is not enough to experience everything what the country has to offer.

5 Fun facts about Luxembourg

  1. Luxembourg is a trilingual country. The national language is Luxembourgish, but they also use German and French;
  2. In Luxembourg live about 48 % of foreigners;
  3. The only Grand Duchy in the world is Luxembourg;
  4. Luxembourg is one the richest countries in the world;
  5. The old city centre of Luxembourg and its fortress are on the UNESCO World Heritage list.

First, we visited Bock Casemates, which are tunnels under the ground and they were used as defensive passages in the past. These passages were placed on several levels and they even are about 40 meters deep. Nowadays, 17 kilometres of the tunnels still remain.

Then we wandered around the city of Luxembourg. Exploring its hidden treasures and architecture. 🙂

Friends spotted! Deciding what to see next. 😀

After walking so much, we all agreed to go to eat somewhere. Since we are ramen fans, we found one of the local ramen restaurants called Happy Sushi and went there to eat.

Thanks Lina for the food picture! 😉

After eating, it was time to go back home. On our way back to the Netherlands, we stopped in a small city called Vianden. It was already late and getting dark. Nevertheless, I wanted to make some pictures, but I am not used to taking pictures when it is dark, so it was a challenge to me. Nonetheless, it was fun. Here are some pictures of the city. It also had a castle on top of the hill. ^^

Summing up all of the experience in Luxembourg: very fulfilling! Definitely one of my favourite destinations to go in Europe. Even though it is a small country, but it seems like in each step you can find something interesting to see and experience! I feel very happy and excited that I had the occasion to visit the beautiful country of Luxembourg.

That is it for this post. 😉

Thank you for visiting and until the next post!

With love,


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