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A family trip to Lithuanian Sea Museum

I`ve only been once to the Lithuanian Sea Museum when I was about eight years old and a lot has changed since then. Therefore, I have decided that I want to go once again with my family to the Lithuanian Sea Museum to see for myself what has changed. So, I’ve been talking for a couple of months with my family that we should go to the Museum and finally, the date was set.

And the day came when we had to go to the Museum. It was really sunny, but not too hot, since a small breeze was always surrounding us during our trip. It felt as if it was one of our group members. We took the ferry from the Klaipėda Old Ferry Terminal to go to the other side of the shore. It took only a couple of minutes and we were in Smiltynė.

We still had 1,5 km further to go. There was a possibility to choose to walk the distance to the Museum or hire a horse-drawn coach or even take a mini train. But we decided that we will walk. On our way  we saw fishermen town and big ships exhibited.

The Lithuanian Sea Museum is located in Smiltynė, Lithuania. The Museum was opened in 1979. Next year it will celebrate its 40th anniversary. Though, I will not go deep into the history because what I wanted to share were these photos: what I saw, experienced in the form of photography.

And to sum up, I really had a pleasant time there and I was running around and taking pictures like a small kid. Nonetheless, I was enjoying the time with my mom and other relatives. The idea crossed my mind that we do not spend so much time together. So this was a very good occasion to do something together, to create fun memories and strengthen our bonds.

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