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A visit to Kasteeltuinen Arcen

Most of the time when we are bored, we enter the world of Internet. So, it was the weekend and I was just looking what is near Venlo and what would be worth to visit.

And then I found Kasteeltuinen Arcen. It was only 12 km from the place I live, so I thought, – why not give it a try and visit it. ^^

About Kasteeltuinen Arcen

The restored castle with a unique garden has opened its doors for visitors in the year of 1988. It was officially opened by the Prince Bernard. Kasteeltuinen Arcen is near the German border, nevertheless, the place attracts a lot of visitors not only from Germany and the Netherlands, but also from other countries.

The garden has various sections from Japanese to Italian styled gardens. When walking along the way you can feel different cultural vibes. There are some spots where you can grab some coffee and chill.

I felt very relaxed there. Nature, animals, plants… everything seemed so harmonized. It was a very lovely experience. I will not go any further into details. Let the photos talk for themselves. 🙂

Maybe I will go some time there again. It is very nice that they organize different events, which attract you to come back to the Kasteeltuinen Arcen once more.

That is it for today`s post. I hope that you liked it and you will visit again next week!

Stay healthy and until then! ^^

With love,


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