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Christmas in Antwerp

Finally, festive bustle has passed and I have some time for photo editing from Christmas. 🙂 For me this Christmas was a bit different than usual. Mostly I spend my time with family and visiting relatives in Lithuania, but this time I spent the holidays with friends in Belgium, Antwerp. Something totally different, right? 🙂

While others knew quite some time before Christmas what they are going to do during the holiday season, we only started to think about it a month ago. We started to google flights to various places because we wanted to see and experience something new. However, the prices were already high enough, so we decided to look what is nearby and we found a gem called – Antwerp.

the sign "Antwerp"

Antwerp is the second biggest city in Belgium after the capital Brussels. It is an international city, due to more than 30 % of the people who live in Antwerp are from foreign countries and the number is still growing. First time in history the name of Antwerp was mentioned in the 4th century.

So, when everyone agreed to go to Belgium, all that was left to book a place where we will be staying. We found a lovely apartment to rent near the city center by

It was so nice to come back to Belgium after ten years. Yes! Ten years! Time flies too fast! (I am getting old 😀 ) My very first visit in Belgium was in Brussels and I loved the city so much, so I was very excited to go to Belgium once again.

During the days we spent in the city, we walked quite a lot and I enjoyed every moment. The architecture of the city is amazing!

Down below you can see the pictures that I have taken. I do not know if they represent the atmosphere of the city, but that was the way I saw Antwerp (and yes, I love black and white photography very much, ha ha). 🙂

We were lucky enough to see the “China Light” festival`s installations which looked astonishing in the dark.

Moreover, it is like a tradition for us when we visit a new place to go to eat somewhere. We ate in quite a few places, but the one that I liked the most was Manhattn`s. The food was made very quickly and it was so delicious! The prices were also OK. So, if you are a fan of burgers, I recommend this place.

While walking in the city of Antwerp, I saw a lot of adorable and cute looking shops which attracted my attention.

For some reason I like train stations very much. They kind of represent different things for me. First, a farewell and second, the past which binds us with nowadays. Those places always remind me of how melancholic I am.

Last, but not least, two pictures of my friends. I know that the pictures are taken from the back and their faces cannot be seen. Despite that, I like silhouette photos to be honest as much as I like black and white. 🙂 It can be said that these pictures represent memories and valuable moments that we spent together in Antwerp (since we forgot to make a selfie together). Nonetheless, I hope you will always stay by my side. Every moment I spend with you, I enjoy to the fullest. Thank you for being in my life.

Well, that is it for this post. Hope to see you around again! And until the next post! 🙂

With love,


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