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Intro to the new idea(s)

Hey guys!

Last week I did not upload a thing because my computer broke down! Now everything is fine and I can finally be back on track. ^^

While my computer was broken down, I was thinking that maybe it is a good idea for a while to post things like two times a month. I had this idea because I would prefer to write more about traveling. However, due to the worldwide situation as it is today, we all know that is not possible, so I will continue writing poetry, quotations and those kinds of things. Maybe new ideas will come to my mind. We shall see. ^^

Furthermore, these days I have been collecting my thoughts about life, what have I accomplished or to be precise what I haven’t done during the last year. I know everyone has their own regrets and such. That is normal. We are human beings after all.

So, after thinking and diving deeper into my inner world, I landed on an idea that I would like to write about self reflection. It’s not about me or my inner world. Just exploring the thoughts and behavior of people and turn that into a psychological, slice of life, emotional piece. Mixing references of today’s life and adding some fantasy elements.

The piece would be called “Monotony” and would be written from a one person’s perspective who is drifting in this world and about his small discoveries.

The writing style will be based on diary entries, mostly I believe… but we shall see that later on.

Well, at least that is the idea that I have now, but how it will turn out – I have no idea to be honest. So, wait for more updates! 🙂

That is all what I wanted to share today!

Stay healthy and until the next time!

With love,


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