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Visiting Limburgs Museum

At last, a lot of places are open again and it is possible to go somewhere or actually do something and not only stay at home. Therefore, I decided to visit the local museum.

To be honest, I love museums. Mostly, that is the first thing which I do when I visit a new place. When I moved from Germany to the Netherlands, specifically to the city of Venlo – I always had in my head the local museum that I will go there as soon as possible. But then I kind of got occupied with other thoughts and corona came and said “hello”. So, my plan to visit the Limburgs Museum was postponed. Now, that mostly everything is open, I decided I finally need to go there.

And not so long ago I fulfilled that idea of mine and together with friends visited the Limburgs Museum.

Some facts about the Limburgs Museum

Current Limburg Museum`s collection consists of about 61,000 historical objects. As it is written on the Limburgs Museum`s web page that “The museum collects, exhibits and shares Limburg’s history and stories. We offer surprising perspectives on the province’s past, present and future, as well as the wider world around us.”

Furthermore, not only Limburgs Museum has fixed exhibitions, but also temporary exhibits. If you are interested in the displays at the Limburgs Museum, you can find them here.

Inside the museum

It was fun to go again after such a long time to a museum. We spent there about 2 hours. I took the pictures with my phone. So, the quality might be not the best.

Overall, we enjoyed our time there. However, there was one downside that the information was in Dutch and nothing written in English. So, we had to spend some time reading the descriptions, but on the other hand, it was fun and practicing the language is always good. 😊

So, this is it for this post. Looking forward to visiting other museums in the Netherlands in the near future. ^^

Stay safe and until the next time!

With love,


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