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Hello and welcome to my page! My real name is Milda, but I like when people call me NaOku YuMe, because I became attached to this pseudonym so much that I even consider it as my second name.

I love to take pictures and write… well, it all started unexpectedly, I guess… I even remember when I was in the sixth grade and told to a friend that I will never write in the future, because writing is really boring… and now look at me, I am trying to start my own blog! Life is still a mystery to me, due to it changes within seconds… and somehow I changed my perception regarding writing…but after one really tragic incident in my life I kind of quit writing… but now I am back on the track!

Because – when if not now?!

In blog section you will find some parts written in “English” and “Lithuanian”. I will try to keep up the good work and update both sections. And yes, that means English is not my native language, so if you will find mistakes – feel free to contact me. We are all humans and make mistakes, which is normal.

I hope that this page will help me to improve myself as a writer, to express myself and to get out of the comfort zone, due to it really takes courage to post your own work on the internet. And I think that I need to improve a lot, but everything at a time and I believe that hard work does pay off 🙂

Because the best way is – learning by doing and analysing the mistakes you have done.

As mentioned before, I have one more hobby – photography. I am improving myself step by step and trying out new things and challenging myself in various ways. Mostly I take pictures of buildings, architecture and nature. I love to take pictures of cosplayers that is why I want to specialise in themed photo shootings.

You can find some of my photos in the “portfolio”  section.

It will be interesting to try out new genres that I have never written about before; challenge myself and grow not only as an artist, but as a person in general. I hope it will be an interesting and joyful journey not only for me, but for you too, so hope to have you on board as well! 😉

And lastly 10 fun facts about me:

  1. I adore anime
  2. I like to change my hair colour occasionally
  3. I love to sleep and eat a lot, despite it is a day or night
  4. I can get lost very easily
  5. I am open minded person
  6. I just love to communicate with international people and learn about their culture and background
  7. My biggest dream is to travel to Japan
  8. My favourite colour is black
  9. I like being myself
  10. Friends call me “NaO”, so you can do the same 🙂

I hope to see you around!

With love, NaO.


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