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7 countries in 2 weeks! 

Me (with glasses on) and my travel buddies in Dubrovnik, Croatia (best photo quality ever, ha ha).

Long story short. 7 countries in 2 weeks! 

Different weather and climate conditions. 😊
Half of the trip was planned and the other half was planned spontaneously. We knew that we were gonna reach our final destination in Montenegro, but how we were gonna come back was a mystery. 
We thought that if there is a way to go forward then coming back it will be easy, so we didn’t plan that part carefully. And this was the point where we were so wrong and our adventures began. 😅
Either way, everything is an experience! Lessons learned. Or maybe not? 😁
It was a very exciting and interesting trial journey with Global Interrail Pass.
We didn’t reach our mental breakdown, but instead we laughed if something went wrong and looked ahead of us…
During our backpack trip across Europe we tried different trains, buses and water taxis. 🎒
Came back home to the Netherlands full of breathtaking experience and new ideas for the future.
It was one of a hectic trip, but sure worth it.
P.s The next trip is in progress.

So, people, see you! (Gonna drop some photos and moments from the trip later 😇).

With love,


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