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Visiting Abunai Con – The Netherlands` cheekiest convention

Abunai 2018 banner

I really wanted to attend an anime convention outside Lithuania, so I started searching for anime events, which are near the area where I live and found „Abunai!“. As it is written on their homepage that it is an organization, which focuses on promoting the Japanese culture and they have been organizing events since 2003.

The convention was held for three days, but me and my friends we were able to go only on Saturday.

There were many smaller events, workshops, lectures and other kind of activities taking place, but we were given a map and small book where the information was written.

I really liked the style of the book. 🙂

We walked around, went to see cosplay act competition, but it was a bit sad that only 10 performances took place since there were soooo many nice cosplays. Somebody counted that there were more than 500 cosplayers.

I had the chance to chat with some of the cosplayers. They were really lovely and nice people, so it made me very happy to interact with them, even if it was just for a couple of minutes. Furthermore, I wish I could have taken pictures of all of the cosplayers, but I guess that was kind of a difficult task. 🙂

For the first time I was able to see Itasha cars (the term means when the body of the car is decorated with fictional characters of anime, manga or video games).

While walking through corridors we saw many awesome decorations, which attracted me so much.

I am very fond of Japanese music and I was happy that I had the ability to attend a concert during the „Abunai!“ convention.

Moreover, I bought lots of stuff, including manga, candy and so on. 😀

That is it for this post. Oh wait, I have a couple more random photos. Haha.

Thanks for visiting and until the next post! 🙂

With love,


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