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February 7, 2021

The sky decided to dress up the earth in white dress. Up until now everything was grey: life, weather, mood, – everything. It felt there was no in-between, – only grey colour.

And so, seeing the earth all dressed up in white, I decided to give it a try and step outside.

It has been a while since I went outdoor. My steps were careless but I was moving forward. Slowly but steady.

The air was cold but I was smiling and thinking:

     – Wow, I am outside!

While walking around I saw some kids playing and enjoying these changes. I caught myself enjoying, as well.

     – So, this white dress is called snow. It is cold but can bring joy and at least a small bit of happiness into out grey lives. Even the smallest things matter.

And so, with these thoughts in my mind I came back home with a grin from ear to ear, which decorated my face…

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