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January 9, 2021

Morning again. I feel that I am battling with myself again to get up. Why to get up in the first place? I have nowhere to go, nothing to do…But then I stood up and I looked through the window. I saw a humble reflection of myself, which was unrecognizable. The reflection was seen through and it felt more like it was just a shadow and nothing more.

I used to call myself a person as well, but now… I am something or I became something that even I did not anticipate…

After exploring every detail of my so-called reflection, I looked upon the sky.

      – It is crying, so am I. Wind is blowing but it is not kind enough to wipe off my tears. Why do I cry? Why does the sky cry? Maybe I should smile? Maybe then the sky would smile? Or maybe at least I should try to look like I am smiling? Maybe if I could smile, I might be able to deceive everyone and even myself that I am something more than just a mere shadow…?


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