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Looking back at 2020

What a year! Such a roller coaster! Now looking back at this year and thinking what kind of next year we will have. I hope that at least a bit better than 2020… 🙂

In one of my posts ‘Plans for the rest of the year’ I did mention that I will post some articles about traveling, but I was mostly focusing on creating some poems and posting photos with some words or quotes.

To be honest, at the moment I have no motivation or inspiration to finish those articles about traveling and edit all of the photos… It`s been a very long year and also a very difficult one to most of us. So, putting some words on the pictures kind of made me think positively and it was like a reminder that better days will come. I just need to believe in that and somehow move forward, even if it is difficult. Even if the steps are small because finding the right path can be difficult and takes some time.

Furthermore, I hope that my inspiration and motivation will visit me again. Fingers crossed! ^^

Sending lots of love and until the next time!

With love,


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