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My WEIRD (fan fiction) dreams

Dreams can bring us to different worlds and let us experience things, which we cannot in real life. Moreover, they can tell us some fragments about ourselves and about our character traits.

I often have weird or rather interesting and unique dreams… They are not related to reality, but to the anime world. I am a big anime fan and I watch it every day. Therefore, maybe that is why I dream about anime characters and weird incidents related to that, since I have a strong emotional connection to the anime world.

When I asked my friends if they have these kinds of dreams or when I tell them what I have dreamt about they always look at me with this amazement. Then, they always ask me how I am able to have these kinds of dreams because they never dream about anime.

So, I was talking to one of my colleagues and was telling what I saw in my anime dream and he told me that I should try writing down my dreams, due to it might be interesting to read for the others, since they are quite unique.

Some of the dreams are longer, some of them are short or take only a couple of moments (or are rather boring). But nonetheless, I decided to give it a try and write about them. Let`s see how many of them, I can gather (since I cannot remember the past dreams).

Battle against the curse with Itadori-kun

When I woke up (in the dream) I was really confused what is happening. I was lying on the grass in the middle of the woods. Then, I saw something moving very quickly like they were chasing each other and moving so fast from one tree to another.

I recognized Itadori-kun from Jujutsu kaisen. He was fighting against a curse. It was dark, so dark that I couldn’t see the course itself, only it`s silhouette.

When Itadori-kun saw that I was conscious, he started waving at me and shouting that the battle has already started. I got up and my body started moving on its own. It seemed like it was natural for me to have supernatural powers and exchange punches with the curse and assist Itadori-kun.

We had only one order: to exorcize the curse, but we failed… In the end, the curse was able to run away. After that, I hazily recall what happened.

When I woke up, I felt happy, due to I remember that weird and warm feeling being able to fight alongside with one of the anime characters which I actually admire.

So, this is it for this post. I will try to gather more of my dreams and later on to post them here and on Wattpad. I really hope that I can remember them and hope to dream a lot about anime, due to I feel like after these kinds of dreams my day is always more exciting than normal. Because anime is my motivation and it pushes me to go on in this world. 😊

Stay safe and until the next post!

With love,


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