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Osamu Dazai fan art

When I first saw Bungou Stray Dogs anime, I did not think that I will become such a fan of the series… watching further Bungou Stray Dogs, I fell in love with the plot, art, characters, story – basically everything that is related to the Bungou Stray Dogs! (If you are interested you have to watch it for yourself ^^ )

Now, there is no mystery left for my friends, which is my overall favourite anime character, which is Osamu Dazai from BSD. I talk so much about him (maybe way too much). 😀 It is just that his personality captivated me completely! Therefore, nowadays when I have some time, I try to draw Dazai, due to one day I wish I could draw him perfectly.

So, I hope that day will come and I will be able to upload a good quality fan art of Dazai. So, until then I will try to improve!

Stay safe and healthy everyone!

Until the next time.

With love,


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