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TomoFair Rotterdam 2020

From time to time, me and my friends, we visit anime related events. This time we went to TomoFair Rotterdam edition. (Need to find another occasion to visit the city itself, due to after the event we did not have much time for sightseeing. ^^)

Gaming spaces, Cosplay catwalk, Japanese market, karaoke and other activities are common during Tomo events. Tomo events always gather a lot of people and I am happy to meet fellow otakus, who share the same goals and hobbies. Moreover, I enjoy their events and I am glad to make good memories during them with my friends. 🙂

Some moments of the event. ^^

Things that I bought. ^^

Food time!

How can a good trip be without ramen? 😀 After the event we went to Takumi Düsseldorf Netherlands ramen restaurant. We were lucky that there was a free table, due to when we finished eating and went out, we saw a line of people waiting to get inside! I understand why because the food was delicious and the deserts were fantastic! Just look at the pictures! ^^

And finally…

A selfie of me and my friends. Most of the time we forget to take selfies to commemorate our meetings or special occasions, but this time we have not forgotten! ^^

Like always, I am thankful for visiting the blog!

Until the next week!

With love,


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