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A must see: Kasteel de Haar

Castles always attracted me so much. They are the links between the ancient times and today. I adore to explore the past and present that is why I admire castles.

The trip to see Kasteel de Haar was unplanned, due to one of my colleagues gave me a ticket with the possibility to choose where to go. When I saw the castle`s pictures, my curiosity grew larger. I wanted to see it not only in the pictures, but in real life as well; to feel the castle`s atmosphere, hear its stories… Therefore, I have chosen to see the Kasteel de Haar. And so, I took my friends with me. As always. Ha ha. 😀

5 Facts about Kasteel de Haar

  1. The castle is located near Utrecht, the Netherlands;
  2. Kasteel de Haar was built in the 13th century and was rebuilt and restored from 1892 until 1912;
  3. The one who restored the castle was architect Pierre Cuypers. He also created the design for the Rijksmuseum and the Central Station in Amsterdam;
  4. The castle was built not for defensive purposes, but for entertaining famous international guests;
  5. The total area with park, gardens and the castle cover about 135 acres of land.

The castle and the inside interior were breathtaking. My expectations were exceeded.

And of course, after visiting the castle, we went to the city of Utrecht. Mostly, we walked along the river admiring the atmosphere of the city. 🙂

After the trip I was very happy, inspired and motivated to move further and explore the world even more! Nonetheless, a big thanks to my colleague for giving me the opportunity to visit the castle!!! 😉

As always, thank you for visiting and until the next time!

With love,


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