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Carnival is back in the Netherlands!

A few years in a row, due to coronavirus restrictions it was not possible to hold carnival in the Netherlands. So, since now the restrictions have been relaxed – the carnival came back to the streets of the Netherlands.

Carnival is a traditional holiday in the Netherlands, which is mainly celebrated in the south – in Limburg and North Brabant provinces. It is held at the end of February. A lot of people go out dressed up in costumes and just have fun. Also, parades take place. So, I was finally able to see a lot of people dressed up in one place! 😊

The outfits were amazing and I really wanted to ask more people to pose for me, but to be honest, I do not feel very well in big crowds, since I am an introvert. However, I tried to overcome my fear and asked quite some people if I can take their pictures. I was super happy that people were very kind and happy to pose for the photos! Therefore, thank you so much! 😊

I hope you will enjoy the pictures, which were taken at the Venlo carnival 2022.

P.s. Do not pay attention to the trash around. Yes, there was a lot of trash. But in the Netherlands after a big event, the places are cleaned very fast and everything looks spotless again. 😉

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