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A fan of old cars? Louwman Museum in Den Haag is the answer!

Interested in old vehicles? In the history of cars? Well, for me the answer is “yes” for sure! Some people who know me, would raise their eyebrows, because I do not like to drive, nor I know the type of the cars. 😀  However, to look at the old cars or car related art is another story and I always say “yes” to that.

I was searching on the internet what to do and see in Den Haag in the Netherlands and while surfing the wide waters of the internet, I came across the Louwman Museum. Checked their website and I was like “I am booking a ticket for this one”.

I was really astonished of the wide variety of the automobiles and all sorts of vehicles that they have. Today the Louwman Museum has over 275 historic and classic motor cars. To be honest, I also didn’t expect to see a lot of paintings, posters and other art works related to the car industry. That left a huge impression, since the collection is impressive!

The Louwman Museum dates back to 1934 and since that date, automobiles were added to the collection. The museum itself was opened in 2010.

If you are a fan of James Bond, you might want to see Aston Martin DB5 from the film Goldfinger; or if you fancy Elvis Presley, – his customized Cadillac. These are only a couple of the epic cars, which belong to the Louwman Museum`s collection. And if you are tired, there is a café with an authentic surrounding and design, where you can sit and chill. 😊

To find out more information about the events or the museum you can visit the Louwman Museum website.

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