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Exploring Haarlem

I like to travel in the Netherlands and know more about the country I live in. There is so much to see and experience! This time I am exploring the city of Haarlem. 😊

The city of Haarlem is located in the west of the country and is about 20 km away from the capital Amsterdam. Haarlem is the capital of the province of North Holland.

To be honest, most of the Dutch cities have a spectacular architecture and this city is no exception.

I had a lot of fun taking pictures in Haarlem. Architecture photography is one of my top things to do and when I see something that fits my taste, believe me, I spend a lot of time taking photos from every angle and just enjoying the moment. 😊

I have taken more black and white photos because in my eye’s architecture photos look the best when they are in black and white.

More information about the city and its attractions can be found here.

Teylers museum

We (me and my travel buddy Lina) were lucky enough that we managed to visit Teylers museum in Haarlem. Teylers museum is an art, natural history, and science museum and it is the oldest museum in the Netherlands!

Sometimes we plan our trips very carefully and recently we do everything very spontaneously. Therefore, I was super hyped when we entered the museum, due to it has XVIII century`s vibes and I am very interested in that period of time. The museum has really well-preserved rooms and you feel like you are in that era.

I hope you can feel the vibes through the photos. 😊

More information about the Teylers museum can be found here.

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