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Saying “hello” to Phantasialand – a theme park in Germany

After a long time, I was finally able to travel abroad! Hooray!

So, my first destination was Phantasialand in Germany. Phantasialand is an amusement park located in Brühl, which was opened in the year of 1967. The theme park has 32 rides, interesting areas and activities. All the attractions are divided into areas such as: Berlin, Mexico, Deep in Africa, Mystery, China Town and Fantasy. 🤩

Some useful tips while visiting Phantasialand

First of all, don’t forget to take the map – it will be your best friend during your stay (since there is a lot to see and experience!). 😊 And if you want to make your trip a little longer than one day, Phantasialand has some hotel offers.

When we go to amusement parks, we must keep in mind that one way or another, we might need to wait in queues depending on how busy the place is. Therefore, there is a Phantasialand app in which the queue time for the rides is shown. It is very useful for planning your time. Also, Phantasialand has a quick pass, which could help you to skip the queues. More information about that can be found on the official website of Phantasialand.

To be honest, I mostly took the rides which were for children, because I am afraid of heights and speed. Nonetheless, I had a blast. Furthermore, just walking around and checking the different areas felt amazing. I was able to run away from reality, – even if it was for a little bit, but I really needed that…

So, are you ready for an adventure? Because I know for sure that I will be back! 😊

Picture time! I hope you will enjoy them. Even though, all of the photos were taken with my phone, due to I did not want to lose my camera and just enjoy the rides. 😁

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