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Someone said karaoke? I am in!

If you are a fan of anime just like me, then it is possible that even once in a lifetime you have wanted or have thought about visiting a karaoke bar. If not for singing, at least just for the experience.

So, long story short, I have asked a couple of friends if they want to join me in visiting a Japanese karaoke bar and they said OK. So, without big plans, we were sitting in the train to Utrecht, where the Duke of Tokyo karaoke bar is located. The Duke of Tokyo karaoke bar has two locations: one is in Utrecht and the second is in Amsterdam.

It has many different booths with different styles. They are named after the district areas of Tokyo. We booked the Harajuku booth and we loved it so much! The staff lady who showed us the way to our place said that it was her favourite booth, since it was very cute. She was right! It was really kawaii! I loved the details and of course the drawing of Pikachu! 😊 

I have booked the place for two hours. At first my friends said that two hours will be too long, but when our time was up, they could not believe it was the end. So, we decided that the next time when we are going there – we will book for a longer time.

It was nice that it was possible to choose a song from a lot of different languages such as: German, English, Dutch, Korean and more! However, one minus… Since the whole design of the bar is in Japanese style, there were no Japanese songs. However, looking forward to the future!

A tip: if you want to go to the Duke of Tokyo karaoke bar it is a good idea to book the booth in advance. For more information you can visit the website of the Duke of Tokyo.

I made a couple of photos of the karaoke bar with my phone (therefore, sorry for the image quality!). My friends and I, we really loved how the Japanese karaoke bar looked like! Just look at all those details! 😊

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