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Keukenhof – spring garden in the Netherlands

Finally, after three years of wanting to visit Keukenhof I was able to accomplish this mission. I said to my travel buddy that okay, this year we finally have to see Keukenhof. Lina (my travel buddy) nodded. So, we started preparing for our three-year long mission, which had to come to light this spring.

Keukenhof is a famous flower garden in the Netherlands. It is open in spring; therefore, it can be called the spring garden. Usually, it is open from the mid-March until the mid-May.

For more information you can visit the official website of Keukenhof.

To be honest, I have no knowledge about the flowers or plants in general. I thought that there are maybe a few types of tulips, but after visiting Keukenhof I can say, – there are dozens of them and all of them look so incredible and unique! And so, I ended up taking a lot of pictures of them. I was like “Oh, this looks nice and this one too, and the rest of them also and oh this one too”. 😀

So, I hope you will enjoy the pictures that I have taken. 😉

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