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Unforgettable Journey Across Europe with My Best Friends: Part 10

The eleventh day had fewer surprises. By ‘fewer,’ I mean it wasn’t on the agenda to end up in Slovenia. However, my two best friends (Lina and Živilė) and I were headed there for the night. Why? Because we are last-minute people, and our planning skills are anything but delightful. 😀

And so, we took a train from Split to Zagreb, Croatia, and from there, we continued to Ljubljana, Slovenia.

Ljubljana is the capital city of Slovenia. The city became Slovenia’s capital in 1991 when Slovenia became an independent state.

First things first, checking in at our hostel and leaving the backpacks there, ladies were ready for exploration. Tired but willing to go out, we rolled out.

Along the way to the city center, we stumbled upon a charming souvenir shop, and my lovely ladies were thoroughly enjoying themselves. I didn’t plan to make a purchase, so I patiently waited for about 40 minutes. Thankfully, time passed quickly! What can I say? They have a fondness for souvenirs. 😀

After their successful shopping, we continued to stroll through Ljubljana for a couple of hours. The weather was damp but not cold, and it was quite foggy. Eventually, we discovered a rooftop bar, enjoyed cocktails, and then returned to our hostel to rest. Although we didn’t have much time for sleep, a hot shower and a few hours of rest rejuvenated us, and we were already thinking about our next adventures, which were far from over.

But for now, here are some photos of Ljubljana (and yes, I know, the last photo is quite blurry; pardon me, but for some reason, I wanted to include it in the post :D).

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