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Unforgettable Journey Across Europe with My Best Friends: Part 9

And this is the tenth day of the trip. Little did we know that all of our plans would go wrong. So wrong. But it was all part of our adventure. Now, when Lina, Živilė, and I remember this, we just giggle, because indeed, it was funny.

So, let me start from the beginning. Before heading to the bus station, which was supposed to take us back to Kotor, we checked the bus schedule. We weren’t exactly sure which bus stop we should wait at because there were no signs. It felt like we were in the middle of nowhere. We waited for an hour, but no bus arrived. The sun was shining brightly, even though it was only morning, and I felt like I was going to melt away. More people gathered at the bus stop, and everyone seemed confused. Still, no buses came. People started taking taxis. We continued waiting, holding onto some hope. After the second hour passed with no sign of a bus, we exchanged glances and decided that when one of the taxis became available, we had to take it, or we would be stuck here in Sutomore.

So, we did as we planned. We took a taxi to Budva and then a bus to Kotor. From Kotor, Montenegro, we took a bus to Dubrovnik, Croatia. We got stuck at the border again. Oh well, it happens, and we knew that we would be stuck there. When we finally reached Dubrovnik, we resumed our journey and went to Split by bus. The night was “amazing” as it was raining heavily. By the time we reached our Airbnb, we were soaking wet. Thank God for the raincoats! They saved us! Oh my, what a journey!

We arrived at around 2:30 in the morning at the place where we were supposed to sleep. It was quite good. We managed! When we were finally able to sit down and rest, we let out sighs, smiled, laughed, and went to sleep – finally!

Not many photos from the day, just a few animal photos from a park in Budva, Montenegro. However, the day itself was full of adventures, and we were on our toes the whole time. Fun memories now. Cheers for adventures!

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