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Unforgettable Journey Across Europe with My Best Friends: Part 8

Wow, it’s already day eight! After my ladies (Lina and Živilė) had their coffee, and I had my tea, we checked out and went to catch a bus to Sutomore, Montenegro. Sutomore is a small coastal town. During the summer, it buzzes with tourists. The place is known as a popular budget destination and is more affordable than the nearby tourist resort of Budva.

Sutomore has many bars, nightclubs, and café along the beach, which makes it more appealing to the younger generation. We planned to stay in Sutomore for a few days, so it’s time for some rest!

This time, after checking into our hotel, we weren’t in a rush – for the first time! Haha. So, my ladies decided to go to the pool, and I decided to take a nap. After our separate activities, we went for a walk to explore our surroundings.

We saw café and restaurant workers preparing their venues for the season. They were painting, cleaning, putting out the equipment, and checking if it was still usable. The rest of the area looked like it had been abandoned. Okay, we were there before the main tourist season. At some point, we were happy because it wasn’t packed with people, but on the other hand, we could barely see any people within the city, just a couple of tourists walking around, seemingly trying to figure out what to do and how to navigate. We felt like we were in an abandoned city.

As the next day we were in no rush again, we spent some time chilling by the pool and then went out for cocktails. I mean, after all, what are holidays without cocktails? 😀

After our chill time, we spotted some ruins on the hill, which, of course, we had to explore. It was a bit difficult to find the route to the ruins, but we managed. At the hill where the ruins were located, the view was nice.

So, for these couple of days, we were literally just chilling and moving in slow-motion, which was a big contrast in comparison to the other days.

Here are some photos from our slow-motion days.

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