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It`s been already a year since I started the blog!

So, it`s been a year since I have started this blog and this journey… I have talked with a lot of people how time flies, how everything changes, how we change… but man, I will say it again – TIME GOES TOO FAST! It is just crazy when I think about it…

When I started it, it felt like a journey to me and I did not know if I will be able to move forward. But hey – I learnt new things, developed new skills… to be honest, at first, I was really afraid to start the blog because to share what you think or creativity in general takes courage. Especially for me, who is not the best when it comes to communicating with people or clearly saying out loud what I want to say or just to tell how I feel about certain things. It`s just the way I am. And I am a very shy person.

Gathering the courage

I always was that child, who likes to create something out of nothing. So, I developed love for photography and writing in general. Those works of mine kind of piled and I wanted to have a space where I can publish them, but I did not have the courage to do that. I was always afraid what others will think and I still am to be honest, but hey – we live once, so why not.

I know, I know… I have a Facebook photography page for quite a while. However, publishing photos is one thing and when you share what you write is the other thing since basically you are opening part of your heart.

Therefore, before starting the blog, I talked to a couple of friends if I should start doing this blog because it seemed also difficult to publish works weekly (since the idea was to post once a week) and always have new ideas and how to do everything properly… I had no confidence and then one of my friends said that everyone can do what they want to, so why not give it a try… so I tried. And I am happy that I did. It gets difficult at times. Nonetheless, writing is like a meditation. Photography is like keeping the most precious things to you and always remembering what you felt during the specific time when you see the pictures again.

Make it as a habit

I have no habits, whatsoever. Well, maybe just one – watching anime, but otherwise no. That is why, it was difficult to start the project. I still need to work on managing my time properly because I get lost in time very easily and mostly I do everything the last minute. I know that is a bad habit of mine, but I am working on that. Now I can say that it is easier. I know more or less my weak points and try to search for a proper solution to a specific situation.

Well, after a year I think I have made writing and editing pictures as a habit. I know that on Sunday I need to post something, so I work during the week for the post or sometimes make some posts in advance. I even made a posting schedule, which helps me not to get lost when and what I need to post.

Quite a few people asked me how to start doing one thing or another. My answer is always the same – make it as a habit, otherwise it won`t work. That is basically what helped me to keep on working on this project.

However, sometimes I feel that I fail all the time… I know that I created this blog in order to escape from reality into my own creative space, but artists need support. Then, I try to think positively that maybe there will be at least one person, who will support what I do. And that is how I developed my motto “DREAM. DO. NEVER STOP.”

Moving forward keeps us alive. We are humans. We make mistakes, but that is OK. If we make mistakes, we feel alive. Once you fail – YOU can always rise. 🙂

Future plans

I know I have a long way to go… new things to learn, experience… but hey – I am moving towards that step by step. 🙂 Not going to stop! I have a few things what I plan to do in the near future. That means not only learning from something or about something, but traveling as well since, I feel very inspired by the travels.

What you can expect from me during the next year:

  • To write more about talented people;
  • Improve my writing skills;
  • Write about my travels (a trip to Strasbourg, France is planned in autumn this year and a journey to Tokyo, Japan next year in spring and some in-between day trips);
  • Learn more about blogging, marketing, SEO;
  • Make more photos;
  • And of course – improvise.

Thank you words

Thank you who supported me this whole year because without those people I would not have gotten so far.

A big thanks to some old friends who inspired me to move forward towards my dreams and encouraged me. Thank you for new people who I met during this year and helped me in an unknown environment (since I changed my job and moved to the Netherlands). Thank you just for being there and always listening… it matters and means a lot to me… thank you for being open with me and just being yourself!!


And finally…

All in all, it is difficult to do or start something new. Despite that, we must find that courage and challenge ourselves to achieve the goals of our life. And that is what I wish for all of you in your life!

It`s been a difficult year, but I hope you will stick around with me and remember DREAM. DO. NEVER STOP. Always move towards your goal. 🙂

With love,


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