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Madurodam – the Netherlands in an hour

To be honest, I always complain about how little time I always have and how I want to explore and see a lot of things in the Netherlands. If you are the same as me Madurodam is a perfect space to explore the country in one go. Moreover, it is also a family friendly theme park with interactive attractions and is located in Den Haag, the Netherlands.

As it is stated on their website that „there is so much to see, discover and do at Madurodam. You become acquainted with the stories of the Netherlands in a surprising way. The models are exact replicas of special buildings and objects, on a scale of 1:25. Through intensive daily care, the greenery, especially small-leaved trees and bushes, are kept to a maximum of 60 centimeters high. There are many interactive activities where, for example, you can step into the role of a lock keeper, dike guard, pilot or machinist.”

I was fascinated by the details of the buildings! While I was walking around, I was wondering how long does it take to make these replicas since they look astonishing!

If you are interested in visiting the theme park, you can find all the necessary information here: Madurodam.

And here are some of the photos, which I took when I was at Madurodam. 😊

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