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Rotterdam – the modern city

I have been to Rotterdam more than a couple of times, but whenever I come to the city, I always don’t have enough time to explore everything that I want.

The city of Rotterdam has really a lot of things to offer: modern architecture and interesting street art; cultural events, museums and much more. But every time I go to the city, I see only a small part of what I want to see and then I run out of time. This has become like a habit of mine. 😅 Therefore, I will definitely come back again when I will have more time! Due to, I really want to explore Rotterdam properly and the city deserves it because there are so many things to see and experience! Wish me luck, ha ha.

So, for now I leave you with some pictures that I have taken at the Tower of Rotterdam, which is called „Euromast”. It is the highest watchtower in the Netherlands and offers a nice viewing spot, where you can also just sit down, chill and enjoy the panoramic view.

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