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May 2019 Japan crate box

Finally, got the second box of Japan crate! The post about the previous month`s box you can find here.

As expected, basically every package is very cute. ^^ Moreover, I was very excited when I saw Pokémon and Dragon Ball Super snacks, since I am a fan of these anime.

Dragon ball snack had a sticker included and I think that this chibi Vegeta sticker looks very adorable. 😀

In the Japan crate box there was a Pokémon chocolate egg and inside it there was a lovely figure of Komala.

As in my previous post, I named my top 3 most delicious treats, so I will do the same here, as well. 🙂

My top 3 favourites

Jelly coffee

It felt strange to feel the jelly, but the after taste is so gentle and sweet. I really liked it so much. Would like to have the opportunity to drink it more.

 Garlic and margarine chips

The chips were with margarine, but I only felt the smell of it. And as for garlic, I felt the taste of it, which was pretty strong and I love garlic so much! Yum yum yum! ^^

Peach flavour gummy

Just one comment – eat one and you will want more. 😀

Last time they forgot to add this small book with descriptions what it is inside. 🙂

I feel like my belly is filled with happiness and already waiting for the next box what it can offer. ^^

So, until the next post!

With love,


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