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Lootaku – subscription box for geeks, anime lovers and gamers

There are a lot of subscription boxes these days and Lootaku is one of them. It is a subscription box specialized for anime and video game fans. Lootaku includes good quality figurines and other goods related to anime or video games.

And so, finally, the first Lootaku box has arrived!

The box, which I received was an April box. And the theme of that month was „Overpowered“: One Punch Man, Death Note and Overlord.

Design of the box

The design of the box looks like a treasure chest. And on the bottom of it, it is written: „The one who finds this chest shall be granted treasures of unimaginable value.”

So, let`s see what`s in the box. ^^

Goods of the Lootaku box

The first item is the Death Note notebook. I think it looks very cool, since the Death Note book includes all the rules of how to use it. Moreover, it includes all the names written on Death Note within the anime series, which makes it more realistic.

Second item from the Death Note anime is this Death Note L drawstring bag. I really needed a new small bag, so I got this one and I am pretty happy about it. ^^

You can`t have enough t-shirts, do you? The t-shirt is from One Punch Man anime and it features a design from the Hero Association. It is a limited edition item and there are 410 in general.

Saitama-san is one of my favourite heroes. And yes! The figurine was included in the box! I really love it!

The last item in the Lootaku subscription box is this Overlord pin. It is also a limited edition item and it features the main character from the anime series – Ainz Ooal Gown.

The box was filled with happiness, due to I really love One Punch Man, Death Note and Overlord anime.

Okay, time for me to go back and watch some anime! So, this is it for this post. Hope to see you around again and until the next time! 😉

With love,


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