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Unforgettable Journey Across Europe with My Best Friends: Part 6

The sun was only just beginning to set when we arrived in Split, Croatia. Our arrival in Split marked the beginning of the sixth day of the trip.

The city of Split is the second-largest city in Croatia, following the capital city of Zagreb. It is situated on the Adriatic Sea and is the largest city on the Croatian coast.

While still half asleep, Lina, Živilė, and I managed to crawl out of the bus. Thank God, we found a place where we could freshen ourselves up a bit and started looking for a café for some coffee! Well, not for me, but for my bestie Živilė, because I always choose tea. I said it like a true English lady, even though I’m not actually English. But for me, tea is always the answer. Haha.

But jokes aside, we found a place to enjoy our warm drinks and prepared to explore the city of Split. The day looked promising, and with our adventurous spirits, we found a spot to leave our backpacks and began exploring the city. Even though we spent the night on the bus, we slept well and were full of energy and hope for the day.

One could truly see that Split is an ancient city, with many ruins scattered throughout and old buildings. We enjoyed exploring the architecture and becoming acquainted with the city. And, of course, we couldn’t resist stopping to take a picture with the majestic cat sitting by the window and trying to start a conversation with it. It truly mesmerized us. 😄 (You can find it in the last picture.)

After exploring the city, we retrieved our bags and queued up for the bus to Dubrovnik. Upon arriving in Dubrovnik, the first thing we did was use Bolt to reach our Airbnb. Oh boy, the place where we had to stay was on top of a steep hill, and it would have been quite a challenge for us to walk up there. After settling in, we headed out.

Dubrovnik is another ancient city that dates back to the 7th century, originally known as Ragusa. The current name of the city was recorded in the 12th century. Moreover, Dubrovnik is a charming ancient city whose scenery, architecture, and the walls of Dubrovnik have inspired two Japanese anime movies from Studio Ghibli: „Porco Rosso“ and „Kiki’s Delivery Service“.

When I can experience and feel the vibes of ancient cultures, it’s as if I can transport my mind back in time and sense the presence of ancient days, and that makes me so happy. Dubrovnik was no different, and the atmosphere filled with ancient vibes made me enjoy our journey even more.

Moreover, while walking in the city, we also had the opportunity to witness a Croatian wedding. It was an interesting experience to see random people observing the ceremony just outside the church, with tourists watching someone’s personal celebration. It’s intriguing, but that’s how it goes in a popular tourist destination. (See the last few photos.)

And with that experience, our adventures for the day came to an end. 😊

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