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Unforgettable Journey Across Europe with My Best Friends: Part 5

The fifth day of the trip has arrived! Sleep-deprived but still wearing wide smiles. This morning, my two besties, Lina and Živilė, and I had our final moments to admire Venice and, of course, take our last selfies!

We took a water taxi from our hostel to return to the train station. Then, we went to the bus station, which is basically the same location as the train station. From there, we boarded a Flixbus to travel to Croatia’s capital city – Zagreb. We arrived in the city in the evening when it was already dark.

We decided to head to the city center and grab some food because we were so hungry. We had only eaten a few sandwiches during the day. Since it was evening and we were tired, we decided to use Bolt services to get to the city center.

The driver was very friendly and funny. He shared some stories about the city and gave us some tips on where to eat. That saved us some time. 😊

Of course, after a long day, ladies want to reward themselves, so we had a glass of wine with our meal. After eating and toasting to another day well spent, we headed to the city center. We didn’t have much time left for exploring after dinner, so we just took a look around the main square. Then, using the Bolt service once again, we returned to the bus station to continue our journey to Split, Croatia.

Just a few quick photos from the square and our happy time enjoying our glass of wine.

We spent the whole night on the bus, and early in the morning, we arrived in Split.

Today’s post is very short indeed and not much happened during the day, but nonetheless, hopefully, you liked it. Cheers! 😊

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