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Unforgettable Journey Across Europe with My Best Friends: Part 4

Throughout the entire journey, me and my best friends, we were early birds, even though we usually sleep for a long duration, like 10-12 hours. Yes, we like our precious sleep time. 😀 However, we didn’t want to waste our valuable trip time. Despite the lack of sleep, we were still smiling, our hearts yearning for adventure, and we rose early.

While walking from our Airbnb to the train station in Bergamo, Italy, I managed to take some quick snaps.

We travelled from Bergamo to Verona but had to change trains in Rovato. As we were dozing off, we nearly missed our stop. One of us asked, ”Rovato?” Another said, “Rovato…” I exclaimed, “Rovato!” and then we all exchanged glances. So, after realizing it was our stop, we hurriedly got off the train.

Yes, sometimes we have an interesting way of communication, but we understand each other very well. 😀

Fortunately, we didn’t miss our train and successfully reached Verona, a popular tourist attraction. One of the reasons for its popularity may be attributed to William Shakespeare, as two of his plays are set in Verona: “Romeo and Juliet” and “The Two Gentlemen of Verona.” Interestingly, there is no historical evidence to suggest that Shakespeare ever visited Verona.

In 2000, the city of Verona became a World Heritage Site, and in 2026, it will host the Winter Olympics closing ceremonies.

While in Verona, we had a couple of hours to spare, so we strolled through the city, enjoying ice cream and soaking in the views and the city’s vibrant atmosphere. Like many Italian cities, wherever you wander, it feels as though you’re in a living museum, and that’s what I adore about Italy.

In the photo below, I appear exceptionally joyful for someone who had just accidentally stepped on her jacket without even realizing it until someone pointed it out. I simply picked it up from the ground and burst into laughter. Because when I become deeply immersed in something, I tend to lose awareness of my surroundings, and my attention remains fixated on one thing. At that moment, I was utterly absorbed in admiring the ancient architecture.

Of course, being a lover of the romance genre, I couldn’t resist seeing Juliet’s house. When we arrived at the house, for a brief moment, there were no people around. However, as soon as I mentioned to my besties that I was going inside the yard, a crowd of people suddenly appeared out of nowhere. I couldn’t help but wonder where they had all come from; it happened in just a second. 😀

I didn’t enter the house itself; I just visited the inner yard and saw the balcony, which was added only in the early 20th century. I snapped a few pictures and then made my way back to my friends.

After spending a few hours in Verona, we boarded a train to Venice. Venice is a seaport and serves as the capital of the province of Venice and the region of Veneto in northern Italy. The city continues to be one of the oldest cultural hubs and attractions for tourists.

It was my second visit to Venice, the first time being nearly 15 years ago. Oh, how time flies!

We strolled through the city, attempting to navigate using Google Maps, but for some reason, it wasn’t working well, leading us in the wrong directions at times. However, that was perfectly fine because in Venice, no matter where you wander, you always find something special. What I mean is that every corner is beautiful, and everywhere I could sense the reflections of history.

What I appreciate about Venice is that there are a lot of cute and charming shops, with art, vintage supplies and more. This definitely adds charisma to the city itself and makes it more welcoming and cozier.

In the evening, we had to take a water taxi to reach our hostel. After checking in, we stepped outside and sat by the canal, enjoying the lights of Venice and the gentle warmth of the breeze. And that’s how our fourth day of adventures came to an end – quite romantically, I must say. My inner romantic was thoroughly satisfied. 😉

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