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Hidden treasure of the Netherlands: Valkenburg

Have you ever been to Valkenburg, a small city, which is located in the Limburg region, the Netherlands? Well, me neither, until me and my friend, we spontaneously decided to check it out!

Welcome to Valkenburg

Valkenburg is a town with castle ruins on the hill. In fact, Valkenburg castle is the only castle in the Netherlands, which is on the top of a hill. Furthermore, the town can also be seen from the hilltop castle.

Also, worth mentioning that the city is quite old and the history of it dates back to the 11th century.

While we were walking around in the small fortress city, I was thinking that, even though Valkenburg was a small-scale town, but it was very beautiful and I felt fascinated by the landscape and the city itself.

Valkenburg castle and the caves

It is worth spending a day walking in the downtown and not only that, but also exploring the castle ruins and caves of Valkenburg.

The guided tour is in Dutch, but if you want, you can download an app and listen to the English soundtracks about the objects and history of the tunnels. Do not worry, the information about the app is given once you purchase the ticket. 😉

Also, a quick tip. It is better to have warm clothes with you. Since, the tour guide was about an hour. Believe me, it was very cold there. I was trembling after some time.

As we experienced that the passage ways of the caves were used in different ways depending on the times. For example, during the sieges the knights used the caves as a way to escape or bring the supplies in.

If you are interested in finding out more about the castle and the caves you can go here: Kasteel Valkenburg.

Have you ever been to Valkenburg? How was your experience?

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