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Oldest city of the Netherlands: Nijmegen

Being spontaneous is not what I do so often. It was a very random decision to go to Nijmegen. Me and my friend, we were sitting in the train and discussing where to go next after visiting Valkenburg. And so, we decided that our travel destination will be Nijmegen.

I have been to Nijmegen once, but did not have the chance to see the city itself. Since, I have visited an anime convention a couple of years ago.

We spent only a few hours there, but we noticed that the city had quite a lot of green areas with ruins. And I really like those kinds of spaces just to chill.

When we were walking in the city, we had no specific place where we want to go or visit. We were going along the flow – like free spirits just wandering around.

Even though our time was short in Nijmegen, I made a few photos. Hope you will like them. 😉

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