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Lootaku x Japan crate review

As for today`s post I will write a review about two subscription boxes –  Lootaku and Japan crate. 🙂 I wanted to post this earlier, but had to wait until Japan crate arrived. 🙂 I think that from now on I will write about them in one post. ^^

Lootaku May 2019 edition

Let`s start with Lootaku. It can be said that May`s box is like a sequel of the April`s box since the theme is „Overpowered 2“: One Punch Man, Hunter x Hunter and Bleach. About April`s „Overpowered“: One Punch Man, Death Note and Overlord edition you can read here.

The first item of the Lootaku subscription box is „Select your character“ T-shirt. I really love it! What character are you going to select? 🙂

Genos-sama figurine. I think that Genos is awesome and is definitely one of my favourite heroes.

Hunter x Hunter pro hunter license. I personally think it looks very good and the quality is pretty decent.

Kurosaki Ichigo – Getsuga Tenshou pin. Well, to be honest, the quality could be a bit better, but still I would give it an OK (since the face looks a bit weird). 🙂

My favourite item in the whole box is this one – Kurosaki Ichigo Zankaputo pen (Zangetsu). It looks like a sword, but it is actually a pen. Love it!

Now let`s move on to the second box – Japan crate.

Japan crate x Fruits Basket June 2019

This month`s box was a bit different, due to Japan had a collaboration with Japanimation. The whole design of the box is covered with Fruits Basket pictures. It looks amazing in my opinion. ^^ And at the moment, the new season of this anime is airing. 🙂

In this box, there were a lot of snacks, which had grape flavour and I love grapes. 🙂

My top 3 favourites

   Kataage potato salt and wasabi

Wasabi chips are of course my number one since I love wasabi! And you can feel wasabi spiciness when you eat the chips, which are so crispy. 😀

   Matcha milk shimochoco

Limited edition cookies made with uji matcha and white chocolate is the second best snack for me and it has a bittersweet flavour. And I like the shape of the snacks. ^^

   Afternoon tea cheese milk tea flavour

First, I was in love with the bottle itself and just then with the drink. Well, just because look at the bottle’s design, it is very lovely!

And I almost forgot to mention that these exclusive pins with Fruits Basket characters are also included in the box. So cute! 🙂

Lastly, the book where everything is described about the snacks. Moreover, there is also a short introduction about the anime Fruits Basket. ^^

Overall, I am very satisfied with the boxes. It is always fun to wait and receive them and try to guess what will be inside. ^^

So, that is it for today`s post. Have a lovely upcoming week and until the next post!

With love,


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