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Sunday with friends in „Toverland”

toverland entrance

Me and my friends, we always try to do something interesting during weekends. So, this time we decided to visit a theme park called „Toverland”, which is located near Venlo, the Netherlands.  We went there a couple of weeks ago when the park was still decorated with Halloween decorations.

Well, to be honest, I am not that kind of person, who likes adrenaline. However, my friends definitely do, so they went to the big rides and tried out almost every attraction that they could, but I – no. I am afraid of the height and I basically went to the children attractions. It may sound funny, but even the children’s attractions looked at some point a bit scary to me, but I enjoyed them a lot, especially when a good company is always around you. 🙂

Second visit? Why not! 🙂

I actually would like to come back to the „Toverland” again and try out the water slides and maybe, just maybe I will be able to fight with my freight of height and go to the biggest attractions. And yes, I am interested how the theme park looks like during the summer season. 🙂

While we were there I made some pictures with my phone, which are posted down below. The quality is not as good as photo camera`s, but, this was a theme park and I was afraid to lose my camera.

Some facts about „Toverland”

Jean Gellissen is the founder of the Dutch theme park „Toverland” and the main theme is “Magic”.

„Toverland” opened its magical gates to the visitors on the 19th of May 2001. It went a long way to becoming what it is today. It has various areas such as Land van Toos, Magic Forest, Troy Area, Magische Vallei and others. In general the theme park has over 30 attractions and it attracts around 700,000 guests every year.

If you are interested in the theme park „Toverland” and want to visit it, here is the link to the homepage:

So, that is it for this post. And don`t forget to check out the photos! 🙂

And until the next time!

With love,


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